🎵 Organist Entertains Episode 65

The organist entertains seeks to help keep you connected with your Church, the building, it’s surroundings and the sounds of the organ.

Tonight at 8pm

Welcome to another Virtual Church with the Maestro! This is Episode 64thin the organist entertains series which proves to be another bumper edition of your hymns and requests. As usual all your words appear on the screen.

Included tonight we have

•Ye gates lift up your heads on high
•King of Kings
•All in the April evening
•How can I keep from singing?
•As the deer pants for the water
•God is our refuge and our strength
•and some organ music by John Stanley
……… and many more


Please consider donating to Bellshill Central Parish Church Via this link https://cos.churchofscotland.org.uk/donate/?cong=171073


Hymns used with permission and with the following CCLI Licences
Church Copyright Licence 876673;
Music Reproduction Licence 876680
Church Video Licence 2258718;
PPL Church Licence 1593113
CLA Church Licence 1002856;
PRS for Music Church Licence 1448921
Streaming Licence 1638311

Bellshill Central Church of Scotland
Registered Charity: SC012556
346 Main Street, Bellshill, ML4 1BA

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