Catch up with Sunday worship 9th October 2022 – 🌲🌻Harvest🧺🍏

Don’t worry if you missed worship yesterday, or if you’ve worshipped elsewhere and want to worship again, our edited service is now available. We’re blessed you’ve chosen to worship with us.


Welcome and Church News

HYMN 229        We plough the fields and scatter

Introduction to the theme

So let’s share – our time right now, the hopes and dreams we have for the future and the forgiveness we need to move on.

Let’s share all the gifts we’ve been given by God. They were never meant for hoarding, but for helping out and handing on.


HYMN               Now we sing a harvest song       (St George’s Windsor)

Prayer and Lord’s prayer

Reflection for the Young and ‘Young at Heart’

HYMN               What The Lord Creates (twinkle twinkle little star)

Reading             1 Kings 19:1-18                            (reader Cathie Bryden)

HYMN 485        Dear Lord and Father of mankind

Sermon             Fed by God’s Grace and presence

HYMN 348        Praise the One who breaks the darkness

Offering             Choir sings: Touch the earth lightly

Dedication of offering


HYMN               God, Your Blessings Overflow        (Lucerna Laudoniæ)

Benediction and Spoken Amen

MP 460           May God’s Blessing Surround you each day

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