Young church online returns

Hi there, today Rev Kevin tells us about Mr Wesley and his horse, called Gospel.

Mr Wesley used to ride Gospel up and down the country meeting people, spreading his message of love from Jesus.

Our video today includes a little cartoon about being nice and how you can show kindness and love to your friends. We finish with an action song that grown-ups and young people can join in together

Young Church Online – Changed Hearts

Jesus demonstrated grace by showing love to the tax collector and giving him a second
chance. In return, Zacchaeus truly had a change of heart, which is possible for anyone
who meets Christ.

Jesus welcomed all people, and He was and is ready to forgive anyone with a repentant heart. This was great news for Zacchaeus, but it’s also wonderful for us to remember! When we trust the work that Jesus has already done and continues to do, it lets our lives be changed, and should encourage us to tell others about Him.

Mid Week Young Church

Welcome to another Young Church brought to you online from Bellshill Central Parish Church

This week we hear the story of the 2 builders, the wise and the foolish man

Jesus tells a parable about two builders and the foundations on which they built. We watch and listen to the story then think about the wise and foolish men. At the end we have a song to sing.