Welcome to this week’s Mid Week Online Young Church

On Sunday we heard Alan and Kevin talk about God – the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit. Three persons, but One God. Today’s video is also about “3 in 1” the Father Son and Holy Spirit.

Watch the video together as family, sit down and pray together the prayer underneath the video.

Make the hearts as shown below showing that Love always comes from God, as Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Children’s Prayer: Dear God. We know that we cannot fully understand how great and wonderful you really are. But we thank you for revealing yourself to us as Father, Son and Holy Spirit (a Trinity of persons) even though you are still one. Help us to learn more about you and the great love you have for each one of us. We ask this in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen!

Midweek Online Young Church

Welcome to our latest midweek young church. We hope that you will be able to watch and listen to the bible story below. We have provided two activities this week, a craft to make a pentecost windmill and a WORD-SEARCH. sit with your children as family, and enjoy young church together.

In Acts 2, we find the exciting account of Pentecost! The Holy Spirit Comes Sunday School lesson brings to life the incredible events of this kids Bible story including the ascension of Jesus, the coming of the Holy Spirit, Peter’s sermon and the 3000 who were saved and baptized.

Click the puzzle to download a Pentecost Wordsearch

Mid-week Young Church time

As we admire David’s heroic courage, we need to remember that it was the God of Israel who enabled him to overcome Goliath. This is the same God who is with us today. When we trust in Him, God can enable us to overcome our giants too.

We hope you enjoy and take part in the kids song only a boy named David that we enjoyed recently in church. Look out for the actions and the special effects from Rev Kev himself!

Pentecost Craft Activities

This week we need you to make some crafty Pentecost items, and take pictures and videos of the finished pieces of craft. There is even a Pentecost Young Church song included and if you want please sing it to us with your crafts.

Wind Twirlers from Fun Foam or card

Pentecost Wind Twirls

What you will need:

What to do:

  1. Cut a piece of craft foam or card in a circle then cut around in a spiral until you get to the middle of the circle.
  2. Decorate the spiral with fun foam shapes and markers.
  3. Hang it up with a piece of yarn. This craft will remind your children that the Holy Spirit is present even though we can’t see it.

Pentecost young church Song

Wind and Fire
Written by Carolyn Warvel
(Sing to the tune of Frère Jacques)

Tongues of fire,
Tongues of fire,
Mighty wind,
Mighty wind,
The Holy Ghost is coming,
The Holy Ghost is coming,
Praise the Lord!
Praise the Lord!

Pentecost Windmill wheels

(incorporating the wind and fire of the Holy Spirit)

  • Decorate your sails with images of FLAMES!
  • On the sails you can think about speaking in tongues, perhaps using the words LOVE, PEACE, HOPE and JOY (please do think about what they mean to us.)
  • Think of different languages and how your chosen word/words translate in to another Language or tongue. You could think about where you have been on holiday, or a language that a friend or family member speaks.

Headbands with the Flames of the Holy Spirit

What you will need and how to make:

  • Card to make the head band – measure carefully then cut even more carefully!
  • Stick together or staple.
  • Draw your flames and colour the, in with vivid & bright colours
  • Stick or staple this to the front of the head band
  • Some help might be needed! Four hands are always better than two!