Young Church Online – Gift of Music

Hello folks, well today we have our organist talking to us from right at the organ in the Church. We hear some super organ music and talk about music as a gift from God. As always we finish with a prayer and a song Remember, God has given us lots of different gifts and we are all so lucky to have them. Stay safe and enjoy this week’s Young Church

Look up

  • JS Bach
  • Toccata and Fugue in D minor
  • Air on a G String

Young Church Online – Carlijn goes to church – prayer

Welcome to another YOUNG CHURCH from Bellshill Central Parish Church, with Rev Kevin from his study at home.

Hello everyone

Rev De Beer here, with another story with Carijn – talking about prayer.

It’s another story and I’m learning Dutch (or trying to!) during lockdown and my own home-school!

We have a fun song to the Flinstones at the end so hope you join in. Rev Kevin.