Prayer for St Andrew’s Day (30th November 2019)

Loving God,

We think of Andrew, called first among your disciples,
Leaving his nets to follow Jesus, leaving his life behind to answer your call,
We thank you for Andrew, an example to all who follow you
Trusting blindly in your promise, trusting in a better life with you

Leader: You have called us into your service
All: Make us your true disciples

We think of Andrew, spreading the gospel in times of persecution and hostility
When the church was young and regarded with suspicion
Inspired by the Holy Spirit to convince others of the good news of Jesus Christ
Disregarding danger and hardship, doing your will as your disciple, your apostle.

Leader: You have called us into your service
All: Make us your true disciples

We think of Andrew, remembered on his cross, tortured and put to death for his faith,
Confessing Jesus bravely in pain and fear, trusting in him to the end, leaving us the legacy of God’s good news
We thank you for Andrew, a warning for us to remember those tortured and persecuted today, to remember why you sent your son, to remember Jesus as the prince of Peace

Leader: You have called us into your service
All: Make us your true disciples

We think of Andrew, whose message travelled to the farthest corners of the world,
Whose message is heard here in Scotland, whom we remember when we search the sky for our answers
We thank you for Andrew whose message is heard in Russia and Greece, in Europe, Asia and Africa, remembered as one of your first servants
To make disciples of all nations, to make us all follow the Prince of Peace

Leader: You have called us into your service
All: Make us your true disciples

God of all nations, you have sent us Andrew the apostle, inspired by your Spirit to spread your news, let us find his courage to follow you, let us find his passion to be your witness, let us be your disciples.


Funeral Service for the late Joe Gove

The funeral services for the late Joe Gove will take place on Wednesday 20th November.

Committal will take place at 2.30pm within Holytown Crematorium

A Service of thanksgiving will take place at 3.30pm within Bellshill Central Parish Church, 346 Main Street, Bellshill, ML4 1BA.

We would ask you to hold in prayer the family at this difficult time. All who wish to pay their respects are welcome to attend.

John 14:1-3
“Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; believe also in me. My Father’s house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you? And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am.”

PRAYER FOR THE DAY Friday 21st June

Good morning.

This is the longest day – at least in the northern hemisphere. Call it midsummer if you like – or the summer solstice. It’s well known that our ancient forebears observed this cycle of the seasons and constructed temples of stone, carefully aligned to mark the moment. Stonehenge is one such place and as I speak hundreds will be gathered at dawn today to experience the arrival of the sun. We wish you well, and hope the weather is kind.

For Christians, the arrival of light into darkness is a potent theme in both our Scriptures, and our history. Jesus referred to himself as the light of the world – something which his critics would have branded egotistical, but it was said without a trace of hubris. Through the centuries, religious artists perfected the skill of staining glass and building its different colours into magnificent stories in light. From the darkness of a Cathedral’s nave, a carefully crafted window, telling the good news that the light has come, assaults the senses. There is no need of grammar and syntax for this exposition of Scripture to lodge and transform our spirits.

I wonder if for you on this midsummer day, a shaft of light would be welcome? What the mediaeval mystics referred to as “the dark night of the soul” comes in many contemporary forms. The Light of God truly is a remedy, not quick, not simple, not easy, but a remedy nonetheless. Let me pray for you.

Lord, for those who seek the light today, who live in a dark place and find it not congenial or welcoming, we ask for your light to dawn. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Easter Morning Prayer

Lord we lift our hearts to you. As the dawn breaks, may we carry the unity we share into every moment knowing that we are one with the risen Christ.

Lord, we lift our eyes to you. As the sunrises, may this moment stay with us, reminding us to look for the beautiful colours of promise in your word.

Lord, we lift our prayers to you. As the dew air falls, may we breathe this morning in and know that like the earth, you sustain us, keep us and work within us always.

And so, we lift our voices to you. We celebrate the greatest day in history, when Jesus rose from death, defeated darkness and bathed the world in stunning resurrection light. May we ever live to praise you!