Virtual Choir – Praise my soul the King of Heaven

Our next virtual choir is PRAISE MY SOUL THE KING OF HEAVEN

Can I have your sound recordings back by Friday 30th April so we have plenty of time to bring it all together.

We recommend having a good few practice sing throughs before you record yourself and then when you’re ready to go, you can record yourself by playing the audio track through headphones on a device other than the one you are recording on. This way, the recording will only pick up your lovely singing! (I personally found it easier to only have one headphone in my ear so I could hear myself singing better, but that’s just personal preference!)

Do as many takes as you need – I know I have never once got it right the first time! And remember: even if it sounds a little weird to hear your voice on its own, when everything is edited together it will sound beautiful! You may want to find a spot where you can stand to sing to help your breathing.

Praise my soul (Organ only)
Praise my soul (Organ with Tune)