Virtual Choir

Hello, we are venturing into the year 2021 and we are trying some virtual choir!

Our next items are We are marching in the light of God and John Rutter’s God be in my head.

Deadline date for return are 1st of February (gives you 3 clear weeks to have fun and learn a new song)

Your instructions are:

  • Download the appropriate backing track from below
  • Download the sheet music/words from below
  • You will need something to listen to the track through headphones and another device to record
  • I listened to the backing track in my laptop through headphones and recorded the singing part through my mobile phone.
  • Listen to the track which has an introduction, and practice first.
  • Once you are happy, record your part.
  • The recording you make should just be you singing, I don’t want to hear the backing track (that is why you listen to it through head phones)
  • Send the track to me by email or by WhatsApp
  • All I need is the audio, so you can send a sound file or a video file.



We are Marching in the light of God backing track

God be in my head

Organ Accompaniment
God be in my head Soprano backing track
God be in my head Alto backing track
God be in my head Tenor backing track
God be in my head Bass backing track