Prayer is vital to our Church Life. We host on online Prayer Group each Monday and share prayer for our community on Sundays at 7pm. Just check out the links below. Prayer request can be sent to our Minister using the only form below.

Should Christians observe Lent?

Protestant Christians tend to be suspicious of church traditions that are not rooted in scripture. Lent falls into this category because it is not prescribed anywhere in the Bible. So why do believers from across the theological spectrum, including many Protestant denominations, observe this season? The name itself is an Old English word for spring,…

Our church has provided a Prayer Book which is situated in the main vestibule for anyone to pop in a note of concern or anxiety they would like prayer for – whether for themselves, family, friends, or a particular situation. This may be anonymous if desired.

By the book pens are available, and the book is checked each Sunday morning.  Those named are mentioned in prayer during our Act of Worship.

If you want to contact us sooner, please fill in the contact form below, which once submitted will be passed to our Minister, Rev Kevin de Beer, and prayer can begin as soon as possible.