Online Worship – join us Sunday 17th May from 10.45am


(remember you can listen on the dial-in number 01698 533211)

Watch Online

10.45am – we gather in our homes and get ready to worship

  • welcome screens,
  • news,
  • gathering songs (Our God is a Great Big God & Oh Happy Day!)

11.00am – the service begins

  • Welcome from the session clerk
  • Call to worship (From Christian Aid)
  • Hymn All my days (Beautiful Saviour)
  • Prayer of Approach & Lord’s Prayer (From Christian Aid)
  • Reading Luke 10:38-42
  • Hymn For the beauty of the earth
  • Kevin’s Message – The Ascetics (loving God in solitude and stillness)
  • Prayers of Intercession (From Christian Aid)
  • Christian Aid video
  • Hymn And Can it be, that I should gain
  • Blessing from Rev Kevin
  • Three fold amen
  • Amen we praise your name O Lord

if you can donate to Christian Aid you can do so via

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