Watch “Attentive” on YouTube

A prayer for the weekend (in light of current events)

Lord Jesus Christ, the world moves at an amazing pace and, at times, we can be distracted. Call us aside so that we might truly appreciate what it means to be attentive to life.

Yes, to simply be!

To be: Before another.
With another.
And even for another.
Yes, to be before You, with You and for You in the world.

Yet also to be attentive to others.
To become aware of another person’s life:
Their journey.
Their questions.
Their longings.
Their hopes.
Their dreams.

Yes, and in being before them to notice, to see, and to be attentive.

Yes, and to be with another, to walk alongside even if it is for a moment or a day, so that we might:

Yes, living God so that we might, in our common humanity, truly be for each other and that together we might carry the load.

Yes, so that we might be of some assistance, human beings together – a remarkable privilege.

Thank You, Lord. Amen.

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