Weekday prayer pointer

Remember that you’re invited to take time out each night at 8pm to pray in our current situation and light your candle

Tonight we ask you to pray the same prayer, the Lords Prayer.

Say the meditation below, light your candle, then say the prayer Jesus taught us.

Lord’s Prayer Meditation

When I pray ‘OUR’, help me to ensure that my life and faith have room for others and their needs.

When I pray ‘FATHER’, help me to demonstrate this relationship to God in my daily life.

When I pray ‘IN HEAVEN’, help me to ensure that that my main interests are not in earthly things.

When I pray ‘HALLOWED BE YOUR NAME’, help me to strive, with God’s help, to be holy.

When I pray ‘YOUR KINGDOM COME’, help me to demonstrate the ways of God’s kingdom in my daily life.

When I pray ‘YOUR WILL BE DONE’, help me not to be self-willed or resentful of God’s claim on my time, my talents, my resources and myself.

When I pray ‘ON EARTH AS IN HEAVEN’, help me to be ready to give myself to God’s service, and the service of others, here and now.

When I pray ‘GIVE US TODAY OUR DAILY BREAD’, help me to be thankful for all that I have and to share my plenty freely with my neighbour.

When I pray ‘FORGIVE US OUR SINS’, help me to recognise the greatness of God’s love, and the grace that redeems me and sets me free.

When I pray ‘AS WE FORGIVE THOSE WHO SIN AGAINST US’, help me to forgive those who wrong me, and to harbour no grudges, so that I may fully experience forgiveness myself.

When I pray ‘LEAD US NOT INTO TEMPTATION’, help me to recognise and avoid those situations where I am tempted to do wrong.

When I pray ‘DELIVER US FROM EVIL’, help me to take a stand against evil through my prayers, my words and my actions.

When I pray ‘THE KINGDOM IS YOURS’, help me to be willing to obey the King in all things.

When I pray ‘THE POWER AND THE GLORY ARE YOURS’, help me to understand that I cannot, therefore, seek power and glory for myself.

When I pray ‘FOR EVER AND EVER’, help me to see things in their eternal context, and not be anxious about each day’s affairs.

And when I pray ‘AMEN’, help me to recognize that I am saying before God and my neighbour, “Cost what it may, this is my prayer.”

Sunday 3rd May online worship

Order for worship

Gathering songs – Jubilate & These are the days of Elijah

Welcome – Stanley Cook

Call to worship – Jack and Emma Cowan

Hymn – King of Kings Majesty

Lords prayer – Mary Mathew

Reading Psalm 148 – Sharon Malone

Hymn – Open my eyes

Reflection – Zandra Swan

Kevin’s weekly message – The Sensate

Hymn – Great is Thy faithfulness

Blessing – Rev Kevin

Sung Amen and Blessing

Funeral Service For The Late Ann Closs

We ask you to remember in prayer Jim, Brian and the wider family as they mourn the passing of Anne. A beloved wife, mother and grandmother

The funeral service will be held on Monday the 4’th May at 15h30 at Holytown Crematorium.

Please note at this current time only immediate & invited family can attend the service. There will be a live stream provided from Holytown Crematorium for those wishing to pay their respects.

The details for this are available; please just ask and they will be immediately forwarded on. The quickest way is by email to bellshillcentral@gmail.com

“True friends are like bright sunflowers that never fade away, even over distance and time.”