Online Holy Week Services at Bellshill Central Parish Church

Please visit to take part in these services.

Monday 6th April at 7.30pm Music for Meditation with the choir and readers (the Crucifixion)
Tuesday 7th April at 7.30pm Reflections with Rev Kevin de Beer
Wednesday 8th April at 7.30pmReflections with Rev Kevin de Beer
Thursday 9th April at 7.30pmReflections with Rev Kevin de Beer
Friday 10th April at 7.30pmReflections with Rev Kevin de Beer

Some notes for Monday’s Music for Reflection

Last Holy Week the Church Choir and some friends lead a service with excerpts from Stainer’s Crucifixion and had hoped to learn the other parts of it for this year’s Holy Week, but alas it wasn’t to be.

This 2020 Holy Week, we invite you to use last years Holy Week service for your thoughts, reflection and meditations as we enter into the journey and mystery of Holy Week and the Great Easter Resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

We take this opportunity to thank those who took part last year and who are once again bringing this lovely rendition to us in 2020

  • Rev Kevin de Beer, leading the service and some narration
  • Jim Grier, narration (on the right of your screen)
  • Hugh Ainsley, narration (on the left of your screen)
  • Alan Mathew, Organist
  • Duncan Mackay, tenor solo
  • the choir of Bellshill Central Church
  • choir members from the West Church, Bellshill
  • Friends from Carluke, Lanark and others

We remember fondly and with love Betty Patrick & Bill Cameron. We sadly lost both during the following months. It is a lovely reminder to have had them part of this and again helping focus our thoughts in Holy Week, and we hope that they are singing with us in the heavenly choir.

E-NEWS from BCPC – keeping you connected

This week’s E-NEWS is now available to download for this Sunday’s service (Palm Sunday). It’s full of useful information, such as the call to worship, words to our hymns, prayer pointers and looking ahead to the following week (Easter Sunday)

Remember to make your Palm Branches at home and wave during the service.
Take a picture and let us see too!

Or just click here to download the PDF version

The our live stream will commence at 10.45am this Sunday, including some sing along songs to join in with, and the service itself will show at 11am. The words of the hymns appear on the screen as well, hopefully making things easier.

If there are any birthdays coming up please let us know, it is our custom to celebrate birthdays in church, so it would be good to see this continue via our online services.

A Psalm a Day – bible reading series

Beginning on 1st April, the start of a new month, we begin a new bible reading series. Each day we will post one of the great Psalms of the Old Testament.

Photo by nappy on

During this current time, there’s never been a better activity to do each day. Reading your bible as the old Sunday School song goes should be done every day. How many of us have let this practice slip? So, from 1st April a Psalm will be posted every day. Sometimes from the Good News bible, some from the King James, and some in more modern language. We’ll try and have a picture as a focus on the meaning of the psalm too. Keep an eye out on your inboxes, look at our Website for “A Psalm a Day”, our Facebook page and Twitter account to keep up with the daily series.

The book of Psalms (also known as the Psalter) is a collection of 150 poems, prayers, hymns and meditations. It consists of five collections of Psalms (1–41; 42–72; 73–89; 90–106; 107–150) which have evidently been gathered together at different times because there are a few duplicates. All the psalms are addressed to God, whether they are giving thanks for what he has done or begging for help in a time of crisis. The psalms give us an insight into the life and spirituality of God’s people and have been used continually in both Jewish and Christian worship. Because the psalms are so personal and portray such genuine human emotion, they remain as powerful today as they always were.

Palm Sunday

Looking ahead

Sunday 5th April from 10.45am and online worship from 11am for Palm Sunday (Feedback is that folks are finding our online services remarkably comforting) To take part visit out Watch Live page from around 10.45am. The accompanying ENEWS will be available from that page too.

Task for the week ahead

Make some Palm Branches from items around the house and wave as we shout “Hosanna” Next week’s Eduring our online worship!

Some ideas for Palm Branches could be…

Take pictures and send via our WhatsApp group, to the Facebook page or by email to

Right folks, we had planned on some real palm leaves for Sunday comings real service so we have a task ahead of us – oldies and youngies!!! Make some palm branches at home – any colour, any size, from what have lying around – here is a video which looks easy to follow.