If you are looking for a church in our area, we warmly invite you to worship with us.

Our Sunday morning service starts at 11:00am. There is no dress code – wear whatever you are comfortable with. When you arrive at the main entrance you will be met and welcomed by someone from our Welcome Team. If you’d like to, please let the Welcome Team know if you are new to Bellshill Central Church – they’ll be happy to introduce you to someone and help make you feel comfortable. If you have any children, please ask someone from the Welcome Team to point out the crèche facility or the facilities for the Young Church provision.

When you enter the main building, please sit where you like – there are no ‘reserved’ seats.

We sing a mixture of traditional hymns with modern choruses that appeals to both young and old. Don’t worry if you don’t know the songs.

The service begins with a welcome, some notices and usually a children’s talk to follow. The children are usually at the front with the Young Church, however please feel free to keep your children with you at this point if they are not comfortable going to the front.

The crèche facility is available from the start of the service. Part way through the service, we invite the children and teenagers to leave the main sanctuary to go to their Young Church activities.

The remaining part of the service will involve worship music, biblical teaching, prayer and usually finishes around 12:15pm.

Coffee, tea and biscuits are served after church on the first Sunday of the month, for everyone. Please stay for a coffee and a chat – we’d love to get to know you.

Other Church Services…..

We hold other services at Christmas (our annual Candle Light Carols & Christmas Eve All Age Nativity) and at Easter (Holy Week Services on rotation with the other local churches). There are no crèche or Young Church activities at these services, but we warmly encourage you to keep your children with you in Church.  Remember, you and children are welcome in Bellshill Central Parish Church.