Are you Bellshill’s answer to
Mary Berry or Paul Hollywood?

We are organising the Bellshill Central Bake Off, for our church members and wider community. During these lock down weeks there have been shortages of flour, eggs, sugar, caster sugar, icing sugar and much much more! We can only assume that everyone has been busily practicing their winning recipes and decorating skills for the Great Bellshill Central Bake Off!

Quick Tips for Great Food Photography
How to Host a Great British Bake Off Inspired Event - Eventbrite

So your instructions are as follows:

  • Your entry must be all your own work! No cheating!
  • We encourage you to dress appropriately – dress up if there’s a theme, or wear your best or most outrageous pinny!
  • We want you to document the entire process (pictures and videos are mandatory)
  • Please show us your planning, research and recipe choosing process
  • What are your ingredients – line them up lets see what you are using
  • What are your utensils and other baking equipment – line them up too, like soldiers getting ready for battle!
  • Show us your baking skills, stirring, whipping, beating etc.
  • Show us the baking process (remember those oven mits and gloves!)
  • Then you can sit back and relax whilst the oven does some work!!!! Will you have a cuppa whilst you wait? Remember a picture.
  • OK – the oven has done its job! It’s time to let your creation rest and cool.
  • Does it need decorating?
  • Get busy! Be creative! — AGAIN PICTURES ARE MANDATORY
  • Once your done, take your final picture.


  • ENTRY £5
  • Send your pictures and videos to either the church email address, send as a direct message to our Facebook Page or Twitter Account, or direct message Alan via WhatsApp (don’t use the Church Chat).
  • Please remember to tell us what your entry is, as we are not able to taste your entries in this occasion
  • Entries will be judged on all aspects of the process – preparation, mixing, baking, decorating, finished product


Prayer Ribbons

As the country looks towards the Government’s plans to relax restrictions and allow a phased return to some normality in the Coronavirus pandemic prayer more than ever is needed!

Here at Bellshill’s Central Church we’ve encouraged daily prayers each night at 8pm, for our town, community and the wider country for those affected by COVID19.

Our Hearts of Hope are still firmly fixed to our railings and have also inspired others to spread hope with the symbols of love and hearts in the town.


We want to encourage everyone to pray more now as we look towards the phases to return our communities back to normality.

  • We pray for common sense.
  • We pray for people to listen to our leaders advice.
  • We pray for a reduced number of COVID 19 cases throughout all the phases
  • We continue to pray for those families who have and still are affected by COVID19
  • We pray for our Dr’s, nurses and all key workers

Please stop for a moment and pray. It can be short or long. God listens to every prayer!

We’d encourage you to place a prayer ribbon (just a length of coloured ribbon) on our gates and railings each time you pray. This will show, by the number of ribbons, how many prayers have actually been offered. This will be a tremendous show of hope, love and strength and show people we are praying for them as we move into the phases proposed by our Government.

please take part and spread the word to all of bellshill. Prayer is important, but even more so as we look to the future.

Please remember we have a prayer requests option on our website. Simply submit the details and our minister will pray for the person or situation. This is completely confidential

A tour of the stained glass windows of Bellshill Central Parish Church

Stained glass windows were commonly used in churches for decorative and informative purposes. Many windows are donated to churches by members of the congregation as memorials of loved ones.

Stained glass windows were used predominantly in churches, but were also found in wealthy domestic settings and public buildings such as town halls, though surviving examples of secular glass are very rare indeed. The purpose of stained glass windows in a church was both to enhance the beauty of their setting and to inform the viewer through narrative or symbolism. 

The windows of Bellshill Central can be placed into 4 distinct periods

  • 1920s – the main Macdonald Memorial window behind the organ pipes
  • 1960s – the four central windows by the Abbey Studios
  • 1970s – the four corner windows by Gordon Webster
  • 1990s – vestibule window at the bottom of the stairs by Lesley Jackson (now Marshall)

Watch “Attentive” on YouTube

A prayer for the weekend (in light of current events)

Lord Jesus Christ, the world moves at an amazing pace and, at times, we can be distracted. Call us aside so that we might truly appreciate what it means to be attentive to life.

Yes, to simply be!

To be: Before another.
With another.
And even for another.
Yes, to be before You, with You and for You in the world.

Yet also to be attentive to others.
To become aware of another person’s life:
Their journey.
Their questions.
Their longings.
Their hopes.
Their dreams.

Yes, and in being before them to notice, to see, and to be attentive.

Yes, and to be with another, to walk alongside even if it is for a moment or a day, so that we might:

Yes, living God so that we might, in our common humanity, truly be for each other and that together we might carry the load.

Yes, so that we might be of some assistance, human beings together – a remarkable privilege.

Thank You, Lord. Amen.