Sunday 17th July 2016 at 11 o’clock 

UNITED SUMMER WORSHIP AT BELLSHILL CENTRAL PARISH CHURCH with friends from St Andrew’s UF and Bellshill West Churches. 

Welcome and Intimations (session clerk)
Choir Introit Halle Halle Hallelujah 
Call to worship:
Hymn 188 God is my strength and refuge (Bible is placed in pulpit)
Prayer and Lord’s Prayer
Time with Children
Children’s Hymn 133 Father I place into Your hands
Offering uplifted, dedicated, then children leave for ‘young church’
Anthem The Lords My Shepherd (Stuart Townend) with descant 
Reading/s (read by a church member) Psalm 23 and Luke 19:11-28
Hymn 617 Stand up! Stand up for Jesus!
Hymn 769 Who is on the Lord’s side?
Prayer of Intercession
Hymn 179 Go, tell it on the mountain
Benediction and three fold amen (Sung) followed by Sung Blessing Go now in peace by Don Besig. 

Summer Choir meets at 10:15am in the Church Hall. A warm welcome is extended to all, especially our friends from St Andrew’s and West Churches. 

Tea and coffee will be served in the Church Hall after the service where we can continue our fellowship and conversations.

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