Reflection for Advent Hope

From light comes life.
Deep in expectant earth, a seed stretches.
Through the fire-start of imagination, an idea takes root.
In a passionate flash, love glows with infant intensity.
Safe in the womb, a child senses its season turning and stirs.
It is Advent, something coming, vulnerable in its unstoppable desire…
God, unquenchable light, may they grow – the seed, the love, the idea, the child.

As winter days dim and bow to early darkness, you, God of light, set watch
in the night sky and beckon the wise to follow.

When hope hangs low in the human heart, you, loving creator, kindle
compassion, breathing life into the early embers of change and empathy.

We light a candle for hope, sending prayers high into the inky heavens and
dreams deep into the human soul.

As Advent dawns, God of all hope, shine your light on the story of the
saints who journeyed before us. May the seeds they planted in the world
– peace, joy, love – take hold in our hearts and stretch towards the light.

We light a candle for hope. May it light the way.

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