Advent reflection – Joy

From light comes life.
Deep in expectant earth, a seed stretches.
Through the re-start of imagination, an idea takes root.
In a passionate ash, love glows with infant intensity.
Safe in the womb, a child senses its season turning and stirs.
It is Advent, something coming, vulnerable in its unstoppable desire…
God, unquenchable light, may they grow – the seed, the love, the idea, the child.

Uncontainable, irrepressible, bubbling up in an explosion of energy.
What the weary long for, what our children often embody, what makes the Divine smile – joy.
It cannot be paid for, but is a priceless treasure.
As we hope for your arrival, as we pray for peace in your living, as we wait
and watch and wonder how you might reveal yourself to us, God give us joy in your Advent.

Joy is not a commodity that can be bought or sold, but lives deep in the human spirit. Help us to hear that
truth and believe it. Let go of what
our consumer culture says will bring us happiness – money, success, a scramble to the top that leaves us
at. If we have robbed others of what they need in our clamour and quest
for more than our fair share, forgive us. Help us hear the call of John the Baptist to turn around and begin again. God of love, we were made in joy.
May we live that way.
We light a candle for joy. May it light the way.

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