Advent Reflection – Love

From light comes life.
Deep in expectant earth, a seed stretches.
Through the fire-start of imagination, an idea takes root.
In a passionate flash, love glows with infant intensity.
Safe in the womb, a child senses its season turning and stirs.
It is Advent, something coming, vulnerable in its unstoppable desire…
God, unquenchable light, may they grow – the seed, the love, the idea, the child.

Let your light shine. Let your spirit soar. Throw open your mind. Hand over your heart. Here it comes – love. It shines in the darkness. It sings in the shadows. It will not cower and cannot be contained.
It was the hope of the saints, the call of the prophets. It was the fire in the belly of the Baptist and the courage of Mother Mary.
Lamp in the window, beacon on the hill, star in the night sky. Love, you lead us home.
On this fourth Sunday of Advent, we light a candle for love.
We light a candle for love. May it light the way.

A Story to Challenge and inspire

Fourth Sunday
Celebrating Jesus, the light who came into the world, many of us fill our homes at Christmas with light and laughter, family and friends. But for millions who are fleeing from conflict, a joyful home is a distant memory at best. As we celebrate the light of the world, we remember those surrounded by darkness, and pray that our candle will light the way.

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