An interview with Betty Patrick

13567078_1031356903612309_8836356308204676550_nContinuing our effort to introduce the folks of Bellshill Central to the rest of the church family, visitors and the wider community we are interviewing various “well kent faces” from the congregation.  This time we interview choir member Betty Patrick, we hope you enjoy our fact finding time with Betty.

1) How long have you been coming to Bellshill Central?

I have been coming to Bellshill Central for 3 years.

2) What drew you to come to Bellshill Central?

I was not happy at my other Church at that time and was only attending as I was a Member of the Church Choir.
Since my Husband died 5 years ago I have to sing. I always did but now it means so much more to me. I needed something to get me on my feet again and decided to change my Church. I came to hear Alan play the Organ at Bellshill Central as he had been Organist and Choirmaster at Williamwood when I attended there and I found the whole experience very pleasant and welcoming so I decided to join Bellshill Central

3) What is your favourite Hymn or Song?

This was a difficult choice as so many songs remind me of different stages in my life but after a great deal of thought I decided on the Hymn The King of Love my Shepherd is as this was sung at our Wedding.

4) What do you do in your spare time?

I am a Member of Strathaven Choral Society and have been for a few years. In past years I was a Member of the Apollo Players and took part I their productions in Theatres in Glasgow. This consisted of Musicals from the Sound of Music to Oklahoma and all the well known ones.
I am a Member of Clarkston Tennis and Bowling Club. This keeps me very busy as this year I am the President of the Bowling Club.
Of course I am also a Member of the Church Choir at Bellshill Central which I enjoy very much.

5) If you could change anything in the world what would it be?

If the building of Bellshill Central Church could be demolished and along with the congregation transported nearer East Kilbride it would save me negotiating the Raith Interchange twice a week although I must admit things are improving when all the roads are open.

6) What event has most affected your faith and how has your faith changed throughout your life.

I was brought up attending Kings Park Parish Church – the Minister was the Rev. Robert Paterson. Kings Park was a very busy Church we had four services every Communion. It had a young congregation and we had an active Youth Fellowship and we put on Variety Shows and lots of activities throughout the year. This gave you a good start in learning about religion and laid the foundation stone for faith.
Sure my faith has changed throughout the years some for good reasons and some for bad but I put this down to life experience in bringing up a family and dealing with everyday life.

7) What is the best thing about the Church?

Since I came to Bellshill Central I have been made feel part of the congregation and everyone I have met has been very friendly. Especially the Choir who after all have known each other for a long time but I have not felt an outsider.

8) If you could be someone else (or a super hero) just for one day who would it be and why.

The answer to this question has given me a great deal of thought and worry. So after a few sleepless nights???? I have decided to stay as I am but try and improve myself in every way possible. This might be the easy way out!!!

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