Sunday 8th April 2018 at 11 o’clock

Order for Worship

Welcome and Intimations (session clerk)
Choir Introit | MP 358 Jesus Christ is alive today
Call to worship Psalm 133
HYMN 323 | I am not ashamed to own my Lord
Prayer and Lord’s Prayer
Sacrament of Baptism with Sung Blessing (The Lord Bless You)
HYMN 52 | God sent His Son (Because He lives)
Offering | Choir sings “The Lord Bless you and keep you” (John Rutter)
ANTHEM | How often we, like Thomas (tune Penlan)
Reading/s | Acts 4:32-35 and John 20:19-31
HYMNS | 206 Hallelujah for giving us your son and 14 All heaven declares
Sermon | The discontented apostle
HYMN | Shout for joy, loud and long (Sheet) Tune: PERSONENT HODIE
Prayers of intercession
HYMN | 728 We have a gospel to proclaim
Benediction and three-fold amen (Sung)

We go out into the World, to love and to serve, as the people of the Risen Christ!

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