Sunday 17’th February 2019 at 11.00am

Moses parts the Red Sea

Entry of choir & minister
Welcome and Intimations (session clerk)
Choir Introit (Bible is placed in pulpit) CH4 In the presence of your people
Call to worship
Hymn God is our refuge (CH4 36)
Prayer and Lord’s Prayer
Time with the children
Hymn How did Moses cross the Red Sea (JP 83)
Offering uplifted by duty team
Offering dedicated by minister, then children leave for ‘young church’
Anthem: It’s me, it’s me O Lord
Reading/s Exodus 15:1-18 and Psalm 46
Hymn Christ triumphant ever reigning (CH4 436)
Hymn My Jesus My Saviour (CH4 531)
Prayers of intercession
Hymn Onward Christian Soldiers (CH4 154)
Benediction and three-fold amen (Sung)
May the God of peace (CH4 786)

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