It’s had a wee break over the recent magazines, but our ‘interview with…’ series is back! These interviews have some light hearted moments and some serious bits too! However, we hope that they are informative and help you get to know someone in our Church Family.


1 – We of course know you are Susan McGleish, daughter of June and Stan Cook and big sister to Jillian. But, tell us something about you that we might not know.
* Hopeless at sports all my life and my one and only sporting trophy was in 1984 for being in the highest rink up in the junior open day at Bellshill and Mossend bowling club.

2 – Tell us why you’re glad you are a member of this congregation.
* The church family is my second family and always there to help and support. There have been some really dark periods in my life and if it hadn’t been for my church I don’t think I’d gotten through them.

3 – What is your favourite Hymn or Song?
* Mega mega difficult one! For those of you who know me I love music and singing so I have loads and loads of favourites! I do really like “Be still for the presence of the Lord”. Had that at both my wedding and Lyle’s baptism.

4 – Complete this sentence: “God is calling this congregation to be …”.

Welcoming, inclusive, non-judgmental and approachable. There is room for all no matter what.

5 – What do you do in your spare time?
* What is spare time lol??? I’ve just started taking up jogging again with the goal of running a 10k in June hopefully. Also like cooking and running after Lyle and looking after our 2 dogs Harris and Flora.

6 – If you could be someone else (or a super hero) just for one day who would it be and why.
* Anyone who stars in a West end musical as I could sing all day till my heart’s content!!

7 – How has being part of this congregation helped you and members of your family grow in faith?
* I’ve attended church now since I was a few months old and I’m going to be 50 in August and watched it changed over the years. It is great to see how the church is embracing the younger generations and making them so much part of what we do within the church and I’ve been fortunate in that my about to be 16 year old son is still attending regularly. There is nothing better than hearing the voices of children during the service.

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