Breaking news…

Work is already underway to make radical changes to the sanctuary area in Bellshill Central Parish Church

As you can see from the pictures the church organ is already being removed from its position at the front of the platform area. This is in response to the high demand in Baptisms that we are being asked to perform in the Church from Bellshill and the wider area.

The organ pit is being converted into a Baptismal Pool (otherwise known as a Baptistry) which will incorporate the existing communion table, shown below.

The organ is already set into a deep well in the floor so makes the ideal location to site the new Baptismal Pool. Our organist and organ are being re-located to the Gallery level. It is also being looked at re-locating the choir to the Gallery also, but this is on hold pending SAGA and Age-Alliance health risk assessments being carried out.

Our existing communion table will be converted. It will be hollowed out and have a rear panel attached, making it a tank. The top will be removed and re-formed into a “Tank Lid” allowing it to be used normally when not in use for Baptism purposes. Artists impressions and a picture of the frame to be sunk into the floor have been made available.

Our Minister, Rev Kevin de Beer, is really excited about this development in our church. Having conducted over 15 baptism’s in the last year, the option of multiple baptisms will be very handy. Families can be baptised not even just at the one service but at the same time! It really is a win-win solution. The church vestry is being converted into a dressing room with shower and changing facilities.

Kevin himself likes a good swim at the Sir Matt Busby centre, so will enjoy this extra time of exercise and fitness.

The supplier of the equipment and also responsible for the re-modelling of our existing communion table are based in the USA. April, their representative has not visited the site in person but through Skype and the internet has had a 3D tour of the premises. The Sub-contractors on site from Loof Ltd expect to be with us for aroud 4 weeks. Minimal disruption to Sunday services has been agreed, although it may take some time for the organ to be back in use, allowing our organ tuner time to elevate the console and organist.

On behalf of the Kirk Session and Congregational Board, Bellshill Cental Parish Church of Scotland.

2 thoughts on “Breaking news…

  1. Praise God for His Grace, a journey of joy from baptism and growing into a family of fellowship.
    Amen & Anen


  2. Hi BC this smells of Alan Mathew and if there is a pool there he is the first in by the way you had me fooled for 10 seconds 😁😁😁😁


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