Bellshill Central Parish Church

Here we are! We are Central Church, right at the heart of Bellshill.

You might think our name sounds a bit like a bus station, don’t worry it’s been mentioned before (!) and it’s not just our location…… It’s just part of who we are.

Central to Bellshill, Central to You and Central to Christ!

So, we’re a large parish.

You ask what does Parish mean? That’s just a fancy way of saying what area of Bellshill and surrounding areas that our minister, church and responsibilities cover.

From the Church of Scotland map above you’ll see we cover both left and right of Motherwell Road from The Calder Water, including Orbiston, all the way up to and including Main Street and the town centre. We also have are responsible for all areas in Mossend.

As the Town Centre Church in Bellshill it is our pleasure to have within our area or responsiblity

  • The main shopping areas and Supermarkets,
  • Police Scotland presence on Thorn Road,
  • Bellshill Cultural Centre,
  • the Orbiston Neighbourhood Centre,
  • the Frank Feguson Senior Citizens Centre,
  • Joe McKay Community Centre,
  • and many more.

Schools in our area include Lawmuir and Mossend Primary Schools and the Bellshill Academy. Our minister delights at engaging with the young folk and we invite them regularly to the main church building for assembles etc.



If you are looking for a Christ centered, family orientated Church then you’ve found us. It’s our ministers delight to engage with the young folk in our town.

We were founded by the people in Bellshill for Bellshill.

For 143 years and counting we’ve been a shining beacon proudly proclaiming the Good News of Jesus in our part of Lanarkshire.

Join us at 11.00am each Sunday for relaxed and inclusive worship suitable for all ages.

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