Chris Tomlin’s Noel

A beautiful song.

Penned by Chris Tomlin with his producer Ed Cash and English worship singer-songwriter Matt Redman for the singer’s Adore: Christmas Songs of Worship album, his hope was that it would fit in with other timeless Christmas songs. “There’s something ancient about the melodies in that song that gives it a timeless feel,” Tomlin told Billboard magazine. There is a lyric in the chorus; ‘Come and see what God has done.’ Those words sum up the entire project. It’s my favorite line because that’s essentially what I hope that people take from it all.”

This features guest vocals from contemporary Christian music singer Lauren Daigle. Tomlin told Billboard that he had the Lafayette, Louisiana native in mind when writing the tune. “It’s probably the first song that I have ever written where that happened, but writing this track, I just envisioned Lauren singing it all-along,” he said. “I’m thankful she agreed to record it. Her vocal on the song is truly stunning.”

The word ‘Noel’ is derived from the French phrase “Les bonnes nouvelles” meaning “the good news.”

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