An invitation to Sunday Worship – 9th February 2020 @ 11am

Welcome to Church and Church News

Choir Introit – Come Holy Ghost our hearts inspire (CH4 598)

Call to worship

Stan: Welcome to a time of wonder
Congregation: And music that calls us home
Stan: Welcome to hear God’s words that inspire and challenge
Congregation: And to reminders that we are offered holy hospitality –
Stan: Hospitality that teaches us how to open our lives to others
Congregation: Leading us to fully live open minds, open hearts, open doors.
Stan: Let’s us worship God, proclaiming that All are indeed welcome.

HYMN All are welcome – Let us build a house (CH4 198)

Prayer and Lord’s Prayer (Stan)


HYMN Jesus bids us shine (CH3 488)

Offering – during which we sing The wise man built his house

Choir – Blessed are the pure in heart

Readings: Genesis 18:1-14 and Luke 14:1-14

HYMN Here I am Lord (I the Lord of sea and sky) (CH4 251)


HYMN Blest are the pure in heart (t. FRANCONIA)


HYMN The God of Abraham praise (CH4 162)

Benediction, 3-fold Amen, Sung Recessional (CH4 824)

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