Invitation to Worship & Baptism – Sunday 16th February 2020 @ 11am

Welcome and Church News (Stanley Cook)

Gathering Song for ALL – Welcome everybody it’s good to see you here

Call to Worship

HYMN 458 At the Name of Jesus (t. Camberwell)

Prayer and Lord’s Prayer

BAPTISM of BABY CARSONincluding The Apostle’s Creed (HYMN 628) and Sung Blessing “The Lord Bless you and keep you” (HYMN 796)

HYMN (MP) 809 Blessed be the Name of the Lord


CHOIR ANTHEM Lead me Lord (Wesley)

READINGS – Genesis 27:11-30 & Luke 15:11-32

HYMN (MP) 880 Lord, I come to you (sung seated, reflectively)

SERMON ‘The Lost Brothers’ – Regaining a sense of ‘lostness’ to ‘heal’ the so-called ‘cure’ of self-righteousness

HYMN (Screen) We’re part of the blessing (t. Rd and miles to Dundee)

Prayers for Others

HYMN 166 Lord of all hopefulness (t. Slane)


HYMN (MP) 460 May God’s blessing surround you each day (sung twice)

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