This week’s worship activities

This Sunday we are going to hear the 23rd Psalm being read and sung during our online Worship service. We want everyone to think about the 23rd Psalm this week and here is a modern contemporary version of the familiar words.

Some ideas for activities might be a nice colourful drawing, a crafty sheep made from cardboard, straws and cottonwool, or a word search or a word cloud. Some examples are below and you might want to use them too! Send us pictures or videos of your crafts and activities, we will share them online after our morning online service. Send them to Alan via WhatsApp or to the church email address

Our weekly ENEWS has a lovely reflection, meditation and prayer this week all based on the 23rd Psalm why not read this whil you are doing this week’s activity, either read by yourself or read together. Reading your Bible together is such an important way of learning about God and the Bible as a family.

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