Prayer of the Day

inspired by Psalm 104:1-9, Mark 10:35-45, Hebrews 5:1-10

Wind-riding God,the blue skies, the sunshine,the cool breezes cradling falling leaves: all creation reminds us of the delicate Artist who has shaped us and all that is around us. We lift our songs of gratitude and awe to you.

Servant-calling Jesus: you humble our arrogance with your acts of mercy; you tip over our pretensions with your modest nature; you laugh at our hunger for power with your words of grace.

Heart-keeping Spirit: you bear our prayers to the throne of grace when they are only whispers in our souls; you unfold the road map to show us the way to the Kingdom; you transform our stuttering words into praise and wonder to our God.

The images are from our own church garden. Brimming with life and colour.

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