Communities Together

Communities Together is an initiative created as a response to the needs of the Bellshill, Mossend and Thorniewood Areas (we will do surrounding areas) in North Lanarkshire against the backdrop of Coronavirus. They are an umbrella group that pulls together the community response to COVID—19 to make sure all areas covered and supported where possible. Communities Together hopes to identify people who may need support now, and may be vulnerable for many reasons, and get help to them. 

Communities Together was launched on Monday 27th April 2020 at 8AM and will operate out of the Bellshill YMCA (294 Main Street, Bellshill, ML4 1AB).

Operating via a helpline 01698 74 74 83 or via email – their friendly team will be on hand to prepare food parcels and other essentials for delivery to vulnerable people in the Bellshill, Mossend and Thorniewood communities during this difficult time.

The Group will also support the collection and delivery of key items including Prescriptions to vulnerable people and can facilitate the collection of Shopping for those who require a Shopper to get out and do this for them.

They will also signpost and give information via the helpline where people can be linked in to Befriending for a telephone call and given information on other services, through adding information packs to the deliveries. 

Communities Together are also aware that although people need help now, that they also need to prepare for after lock down, so with your help we can make sure all areas of our community are strong and supported – now and into the future.

The Communities Together initiative involves a number of community councils, the local community forum, community groups, NHS, North Lanarkshire Council Employees and Elected Members, and individuals who live in Bellshill, Mossend, Thorniewood and surrounding communities. 

At this time they are welcoming Volunteers – who can register their interest via this link: – there was a Volunteer Information and Orientation Session on Thursday 23rd April 2020. Please get in touch if you still with to be involved.

In addition, they would be delighted if anyone wished to make donations of essential items such as tins, other non-perishables, baby products, gluten or allergen free produce etc. These can be notified via email and arrangements made for delivery or collection.

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