Worship online Sunday 14th June 2020 from 10.45AM

Join with us online via the watch live page from 10.45am for news and stories from around the Church, a few songs to prepare us for worship.

Worship begins around 11am.

We celebrate communion during our service this morning. We do this virtually, and we ask that you prepare a piece of bread and some juice/wine so that as Kevin leads us we can share in the mystery and wonder of the bread broken and blood shed for the remission of all our sins

Bread and wine and Zoom, many churches did dispersed communion ...


The Choir – As water to the thirsty

Call to worship

Hymn – As the deer pants for the water

Prayer and Lord’s Prayer

Reading – Psalm 63

Message – The Contemplative

Hymn – Ye gates, lift up up your heads on high (preparing for Communion)

COMMUNION AT HOME – led by Rev Kevin (please prepare a piece of bread and wine/juice)

Moment for Reflection with Music and Images (Music: The Prayer of St Richard of Chichester)

Blessing on the Inner Life by John Johansen-Berg

Prayers for Others

Hymn – Beauty for Brokenness (God of the poor)

Blessing, Benediction, Sung Amens, Sung Blessing

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