Praying at home

Perhaps you find it hard to pray at home? You aren’t alone in this!

Being stuck at home can be boring, frustrating, or lonely, even if there are other people in the house with you! And if you are very unwell, or worried you might become so, it can be frightening, too. God is with us in these situations, whether we are conscious of his presence or not. Remembering this, and relying on him in prayer, can help you to keep going.

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God wants us to turn to him in all our troubles and perplexities, even if we can’t always find the “right words”. And remember – the rest of the church is praying for you!

Our church building is still temporarily closed, for your safety and protection

Under the current guidelines we could now open the building for private prayer but our leaders have decided not to at the moment and here’s why we made this decision….

If you came for private prayer we would have to;

  • Ask you to wash your hands or sanitise them at the door
  • Ask you to wear a mask
  • Ask you if you had COVID 19 symptoms, underlying health problems (and turn you away if the answer to any of these was “Yes”)
  • Encourage you to sit at a particular seat (we know how much Church people love this!)
  • Ask you not to sing
  • Ensure you left by another door
  • Then clean and sanitise every surface people touched ….

Alternatively you could ….

  • Sit and pray in your favourite armchair in your house with a nice mug of tea or coffee ☕️
  • Go for a walk, short drive, cycle, run and pray (Yip praying with your eyes open is allowed)
  • Pop round to a Church friend and have a nice chat and wee prayer together in their garden

Talking to God is a conversation that requires no special place, objects, people or words. He loves you and He is listening when you pray, wherever you pray. So, just go for it 👍 🙏

The Church building is temporarily closed but God’s ears and heart are open wide.

We share prayers and prayer pointers each day via Facebook and Twitter. Join us. Pray long or short. Pray from the heart.

One thought on “Praying at home

  1. For Bellshill Central Church and Reverend Kevin de Beer, a most sincere thank you for your “Praying at home” posting, the beautiful plaintive singing of a lady alone at home, your wonderful message and prayers. I hear you and love 💕 you and pray alone at my place. Our Lord is always with us.

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