Worship online Sunday 9th August 2020

Kevin our minister continues his new sermon series on the Letters to the Church in the New Testament in the book of Revelation. If you are watching live then the service begins at 10.45am and is available anytime thereafter to watch at your leisure on catch-up.

Come, let’s worship God.
God who is mystery,
God who is not contained by any one religious system
God who is certainly not contained by our minds and hearts.

Come, let’s worship God
God who wills dignity for every family, every person.
God who lies at the heart of each life and speaks to the depth of each heart.
God who is constant adventure,
Constant movement
Constant presence!

Come let’s worship God
Let’s be filled with awe, wonder and that profound grace Seen in Jesus, the carpenter.
The Holy Child.

The words for each hymn will appear on the screen. But the hymns are, He’s got the whole world, Dear Lord and Father of Mankind, Crown Him with Many Crowns, Bless the Lord O my soul (10,000 reasons) and Standing on the Promises.

Remember too that the service is available by calling 01698 533211 for those not online, please pass these details on

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