Young Church online Peter Walks on Water

Hi guys, it’s Wednesday again – and we have another YOUNG CHURCH ONLINE from Bellshill Central Parish Church. This week it’s Alan’s turn to talk with us, and he’s chosen the Story of Peter Waking on the Water, with a cool water based activity and a great song at the end. If you miss it on Wednesday, you can tune in anytime you want to, or watch on Sunday 6th September during our online morning service Stay Safe, Keep well and Pray Daily. #bellshillchurch #thisischurch #churchscotland #churchofscotland #families #faithfamily #comeasyouare #gospel #matthew

One thought on “Young Church online Peter Walks on Water

  1. Thank you sincerely for this notice of “Young Church” online. Watch Peter walking on water. I hope and pray to participate and enjoy your “Young Church” on line. Lee near The Chanel Sea. Sent from my iPad


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