Dear Lord,

Thank you for getting me up this morning to greet another day and live for You. You make my life truly good. I know that there are a thousand different things that can go wrong today, but I choose to focus on Your goodness. I pray that You will help me have a good day today, despite my changing circumstances. Give me the wisdom and discernment to know how I can help someone or reach out to someone who is hurting. Help me be a good part of someone else’s day, and encourage me to think of others before myself. And at the end of this day, remind me to thank You for every blessing You have given me. May I always take delight in every small or large blessing from You God.  

In your name, I pray Jesus.

2 thoughts on “A PRAYER FOR A GOOD DAY

  1. For the Church with special reference to Reverend Kevin de Beer. Thank you for your beautiful prayer for a a blessed new day message. May our Lord be with me, take my hand and guide me on his righteous ways. Help me Lord to be faithful in my belief. Thank you Lord for this new day, a new start to yet another week. I place my trust in you Lord.
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  2. For the Church and Reverend Kevin de Beer Thank you deeply for posting this beautiful prayer for a good day. It’s a lovely mild morning with sunshine. I thank our Lord for this day and everyday of my life. I will try to be worthy of our Lord’s goodness and his enduring love.

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