Its another VIRTUAL CHURCH | with The Maestro from BCPC!

Hello folks, its the maestro!

” I hope everyone is well and safe. I’m sure we’re all enjoying online services but are missing getting to church. These Virtual Church videos is my way of helping keep you connected with the physical building. They can’t replace Church, but hopefully they help. And hopefully we are looking forward to the day when we’re back making plenty of musical noise!”

“So, tonight we have Episode 33 of the Organist Entertains that premieres tonight at 8pm – bringing you more requests and dedications from Bellshill Central Parish Church

You can watch via YOUTUBE:

YouTube live link with live chat

Tonight includes

  • Just as i am
  • Sing to the Lord a joyful song
  • Love lifted me
  • To God be the
  • And more!

You can always catch up on previous weeks videos by going to the dedicated Web page

Send your requests and be part of the growing family of viewers. Email

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