Young Church A Woman Who Made History

Welcome to another BCPC online young church, today Rev Kevin tells us about a woman who made history! Hundred’s of years ago a woman had a passion, used her imagination, and did not give up. God tells us the same!

Listen to Rev Kevin’s story, we pray together and have a song about God being good. Stay safe everyone, watch this together as a family, whenever you are able.

HYMN USED WITH PERMISSION Words and Music: © 1985, Thankyou Music. Administered (UK and Europe) by Remaining territories administered by songs

IMPORTANT NOTE: The following CCLI Licences are held by Bellshill Central Parish Church Church Copyright Licence 876673; Music Reproduction Licence 876680 Church Video Licence 2258718; PPL Church Licence 1593113 CLA Church Licence 1002856; PRS for Music Church Licence 1448921 Streaming Licence 1638311

One thought on “Young Church A Woman Who Made History

  1. Reverend Kevin de Beer, “Young Church” today. My very dear Reverend Kevin de Beer, Thank you for your amazing and inspirational story of a Woman who made history, more than 200 years ago, her perseverance and determination. Thank you for your encouragement, your strong belief to continue and never give up. Try and keep on trying. Thank you for sharing the lovely video. Thank you for your total commitment to our Creator and our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for your beautiful prayer. With love and gratitude and my humble prayer 🙏 Lee at home.

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