Sunday 1st November Central Church Worship

Good day, welcome to this week’s Sunday Worship service from Bellshill Central Parish Church, located right in the heart of North Lanarkshire, UK

This week’s worship is led by our pastor and friend, Rev Kevin de Beer. Members of our congregation take part by reading the prayers, readings

Join us from 10.45am or anytime thereafter with our catch-up videos.

One thought on “Sunday 1st November Central Church Worship

  1. My most and sincere gratitude to Reverend Kevin de Beer,Alan Mathew and everyone who read scripture and prayed, the little kids and other children, young and old, testifying and praying in today’s Worship and Prayers, my deep and most sincere thank you for for allowing me to share iand participate on line. Thank you Alan for your beautiful readings, your sincere and deeply moving prayer, your music and hymns and songs. My very dear Reverend Kevin, my immense gratitude for your uplifting stories quoting three women of long ago times and their perseverance. My deep and lasting gratitude for your enlightening sermon, lessons from the apostles, their unwavering belief. Thank you for making Our Lord’s Word come alive. Thank you for your beautiful sermon, your enduring message, your scriptural lessons. And thank you deeply for your wonderful prayers. With love and gratitude at all times. Sent from my iPad



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