Doorstep Carols Sunday 20th December 2020

Rev Mike Goss of Barry and Carnoustie Churches is appealing to individuals and families across the country to gather in front of their homes for “Doorstep Carols” on the 20th of December at 6pm and ensure it is anything but a Silent Night.

He said traditional door to door caroling was clearly not possible due to COVID-19 restrictions but filling the streets with the joyful sound of classics like ‘Hark the Herald Angels Sing’, Away in a Manger and ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’ will send out a strong message that Christmas is “not cancelled”.

The event, which features five carols should last approximately 15 minutes, and would serve as a “beacon of light in the darkness” and provide hope for the future.

People can download the words to the five carols from the church website ahead of the event to ensure they are singing from the same (hymn) sheet.

Join us on your doorstep at 6pm on Sunday 20th December as we join in with the largest Carol service around.

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