Christmas Reflection – No Gift so Wonderful

This mid-day reflection is from Fiona and Marjory Macdonald. It is the Susie Hare worship song No Gift So Wonderful. It’s delightful melody and thought provoking words need little or no introduction. Just sit and listen. Let the words flow and music float. A wonderfully inspiring Christmas Song, brought to life and presented so meaningfully by Fiona and Marjory.

Susie Hare was born in 1947 in Basingstoke, Hampshire. She was awarded the Hampshire Music Scholarship in 1957 and studied composition at Weymouth Teacher Training College (1965 – 68). As well as working as a music teacher in various Hampshire schools, Susie served as Music Director at St. Mary’s Church, Basingstoke between 1965 and 2005.

Recorded at Bellshill Central Parish Church
Solo – Fiona Macdonald
Piano – Marjory Macdonald
Editing – Alan Mathew

Verse 1

No gift so wonderful
No love so beautiful
In just a humble birth
Heaven came down to earth
And in the still of night
The world was given light
As into sin and shame
The love of heaven came


Have we any room for Jesus
Have we any time to spare
If we turned our eyes
Maybe we’d recognise that he is there
Have we any room for Jesus
Have we any time for him
Are we on our own or could we give
A home to Christ the King

Verse 2

No gift so wonderful
No love so beautiful
What are we meant to see
Is it just history
And is he still we find
A baby in our mind
And is the stable scene
All it will ever mean

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