Central Church News Review……

Bellshill Central Parish Church at 346 Main Street continues to be physically closed to all in person face to face meetings, including Sunday morning worship 

However, we are continuing to be the church locally in the community of Bellshill and Mossend by being active online, with Kevin’s continuing pastoral work and being a family of faith. Our groups and church members are in daily contact with each other. 

How are we doing this?

  • WhatsApp groups for our church family and most vulnerable folks. Our church chat of 50+members keep upto date, sharing important news, moments of humour and prayers. There are also separate WhatsApp groups for our choir and guild. 
  • Online worship is our main focus, with sunday worship online at 10.45am and midweek Young church on Wednesday at 12noon. 
  • Kevin’s text this week centres on 1 Peter 3: 18-22. As always members of our congregation take part.  It’s so comforting to see everyone taking part. 
  • These have growing “viewer” numbers each week reaching out beyond our building in ways we’d never have imagined. http://www.bellshillcentral.church/watch-live.
  • Young Church online today, via Facebook and YouTube, goes live at 12noon. We’re hoping that all boys and girls with their families can tune in. This week Alan talks to us about Valentine’s day, love, and the greatest Valentine that God gave to us all! http://www.bellshillcentral.church/category/online-young-church
  • Organist Entertains provided by our own organist and maestro,  Alan Mathew.  Now ready for the 49h instalment which is available tonight (Wednesday) at 8pm. Tonight‘s episode has dual cameras so you can see the maestros hands and feet! To date we have surpassed 25,000 views! http://www.bellshillcentral.church/organist-entertains. We have so e special requests from around the world, and a couple of items celebrating LOVE! 
  • Tune in to hear about our GOLDEN EPISODE next week, 24th February, and how you can take part. 

Looking forward our existing activities will continue online and we hope that you can join us when you can.  That’s the wonder of online church, you can worship where and when you are able. 

As Lent approaches we are looking at hosting an online Lent prayer group. Just half an hour once per week.   If you’re interested get in touch. We’ve held the first zoom meeting and meet again on 22nd February at 7pm via zoom. Contact us via email bellshillcentral@gmail.com for the joining codes. 

Our choir is having fun with a virtual choir setting.  We’ve already produced item #1. We are aiming to produce one item per month to see how it progresses.  Its not as fun as real choir but its keeping us singing the only way we are allowed! This months songs are We are marching in the light of God and God be in my head. If you want to take part contact Alan at bellshillcentral@gmail.com

Updated this week…… The virtual prayer walk around the town of Bellshill continues.  We will choose three streets and ask you to pray and remember all who live and work there.  Look up #bellshillprayerwalk on Facebook and Twitter to follow our journey. The prayer walk will be available on the website also. Check out https://bellshillcentral.church/bellshill-prayer-walk/

As your Church in Bellshill we are looking out beyond our four walls – we are the Church Without Walls! Join us during COVID19. If there’s something you thing we could be doing, organising or focusing on, please tell us! 

If you need the help and support of the church in Bellshill then pleae get in touch.  Rev Kevin de Beer can be contacted viw the website https://bellshillcentral.church/contact/, via email kdebeer@churchofscotland.org.uk or by phone 01698 841176

2021 Prayer Ribbons
Prayer ribbons are required, so that we may see them fluttering in the wind outside the church on the church fence.  These are a visible display of our prayers for ourselves, our town and communiy, the world. Please add a ribbon to show us you have prayed.  We want to see just how many prayers and intentions are offered for our community and world.

Bellshill Central Church of Scotland

Registered Charity: SC012556

346 Main Street, Bellshill, ML4 1BA





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