Young Church Online – Fieke gets baptised – “Realize”

Hello, Rev Kev recaps on Sundays talk to the kids, about our Baptism. Enjoy this short video together old and young.

Young Church online with Rev Kev

Fieke gets baptised – realize

Listen to the next part of the story with Rev Kev, we pray together, then sing a fun song before we’re done

Hymns used with permission and with the following CCLI Licences

  • Church Copyright Licence 876673;
  • Music Reproduction Licence 876680
  • Church Video Licence 2258718;
  • PPL Church Licence 1593113
  • CLA Church Licence 1002856;
  • PRS for Music Church Licence 1448921
  • Streaming Licence 1638311

Bellshill Central Church of Scotland Registered Charity: SC012556 346 Main Street, Bellshill, ML4 1BA

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