Won’t you join us?

We gather for weekly worship (beautiful organ music & singing, we now have THREE hymns!) Sunday at 11am either in person (face masks mandatory) or live streamed.

Or just visit our watch live page

Our livestream will begin at 10:45 or thereabouts, sit tight until it begins.

Here’s the Sunday bulletin:

please download it to take part in our service

Later in the afternoon or dial in service will be available from 01698 533211

If you are coming, call Stanley before 10pm Saturday, or email and Jane will add your details.

Or, you can still give your name at the door, but we ask for your name in advance to keep the queues to a minimum.

Enjoy this weekend’s worship, however you take part.

Bellshill Central Church of Scotland

Registered Charity: SC012556

346 Main Street, Bellshill, ML4 1BA

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