Prayers for Aberfan

This day, Father,
may my eyes be opened
to see the beauty
in all that is ordinary – yet special –
around me.
May the glory of all that you have made
remind me of your presence
and lead me closer to you.

21st of October 1966

On this day in 1966 the tragedy known as the Aberfan Disaster took place. At the beginning of a school day, ironically the last before school holidays, a coal tip collapsed above the village of Aberfan in Wales. It engulfed the local school and much of the village killing 144 souls (28 adults, 116 children).

Let us remember in our prayers today those innocents who were taken from this world far too soon. We remember those who gave their lives to try and save little children.

At many funeral and memorial services in the aftermath of the disaster the comforting words from Psalm 23 were read. It is the 23rd Psalm we use to pray together today, remembering the tragic events of Aberfan in 1966.

Dear God,

Thank you that you are our good Shepherd and we can trust you with our lives. Thank you for your leadership and Sovereignty. Thank you for your guidance and care in all our days. Thank you that you restore our souls, give us peace, and bring us hope in all of our tomorrows. Thank you for your protection and strength that surrounds us like a shield. Thank you that we never have to fear. Thank you for your goodness and love that follows after us, chases us, even when were unaware. Thank you Lord, that you trustworthy and able, that you are our Refuge and hope.In You alone is rest and peace. We praise you for the assurance that we will dwell with you forever.

In Jesus’ Name,


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