Sunday evening prayer at 7pm

This Sunday and throughout Avent the Moderators evening prayers take a pause.

Please join us in a short moment of communal prayer, lifting our thoughts voices and prayers combined together upwards to God

As our Advent journey has begun, lighting the first Candle today, thr candle of hope, let us remember and rejoice in the hope that is Christ Jesus.

Let us pray

“The light shines. It is not overwhelmed by the night.” (John 1:5 paraphrase)

Jesus, as we begin Advent, we pray for your light to shine, especially for folks experiencing difficult times or missing a loved one who has died.  We think of NHS workers and ask that they not be overwhelmed this cold and flu season.  We think of the bereaved and ask that your light shine on the good memories, so that grief does not overwhelm.  Help us to get through this winter together. Amen.

God, in your great goodness, hear our prayers for all who suffer: suffering from Covid 19, whether it be short or long, suffering from fear of getting sick, suffering from treatment or investigation delayed, suffering from exhaustion and overwork in all avenues of caring, suffering from the burdens of decision-making and tough choices, suffering from loss and grief unending. We, so fragile, pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.  

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