Sunday evening prayers at 7pm

Call to worship

Come before the God of love.
Come as you are, no pretence, no judgment,
come with your thoughts and your feeling, in the highs and lows of life,
come with your successes and failures,
come knowing that you are loved unconditionally.
Come before the Lord your God,
in the quiet spaces and the busy places,
in worship, praise and thanksgiving,
for all we have and all we are is a gift from God.

Approach to God

Eternal and everlasting God,
You came to our world in Christ.
You shared in our humanity, You walked with us.
You still come to us through the presence of Your spirit,
sharing in our experiences each and every day,
sharing in our worship whatever our number,
for where two or three are gathered, You are there.
Be with us now as we come to You to share in worship,
online in our homes,
for we know nothing can separate us from Your love,
and whether we are together or apart, we are still part of the body of Christ.
So, as we come before You in worship, to read Your word and listen for Your voice,
open our eyes to Your presence in our lives
and open our lives to Your grace and power.


Loving God,
You have called us to be a living community.
A people bound together as the body of Christ,
and a family united in love.
Yet Lord, in our broken world so many are suffering, so many are hurting.
Hear our prayers Lord
For those whose lives are ruled by hate and vengeance, rather than love and justice.
For those whose homes are not places of love or safety, but places of fear and violence.
For those who have no home to speak of and have become invisible on our streets.
For those who are stigmatised because of status, ill-health, ethnicity, religion.
Lord, You asked us to love our neighbours, all of them, not just the ones we choose.
Enable us and equip us to carry out Your command
and to make a positive difference in the lives of those who are our neighbours and are struggling.
Hear our prayers Lord
For all those in our congregations and communities who are ill at home or in hospital – bring Your healing hands and soothing balm upon them.
For all who are anxiously awaiting treatment, results, or appointments
due to the impact of COVID-19 and our overwhelmed health service.
For anxious relatives and carers who are exhausted and there is no rest, and no end in sight
while the much-needed care packages are few and far between.
Lord equip us, Your servants and disciples, to assist them in their time of need.
Enable us to be beacons of light in another dark day.
Hear our prayers Lord
For all our medical, public health, nursing and ancillary staff
and the difficulties they face and over-stretched work environments.
For the vaccinations to sustain us through Covid and for the variants in the virus to subside.
May we also play our part, Lord, in protecting others.
Lord, You tasked us to do good to those who hate You,
which can seem difficult and to some unfair.
It’s hard to love those who belittle, who shun, who exclude and who racially abuse.
When we feel we should get our own back, You ask us to turn the other cheek.
Inspire us to be willing advocates for truth, justice and reconciliation.
Hate does not lay a healthy soil that enables love to grow and flourish,
but walking in faith in the footsteps of Jesus,
You call us all to make a positive difference and to heal Your broken world of its hurt and its divisions.

We pray this evening to You, Lord God, for the continuing tension and situation in the Ukraine. Military might and political jostling and posturing does nothing before Your throne of grace and mercy. We pray that You will send your peace and concord to both countries, their peoples, leaders and faith leaders.

As we learn today that our Queen, HM Elizabeth II, has tested positive for Covid19 we include her in these prayers. We pray for Strength, Health, Love and Healing. We give thanks for her unstinting commitment to the Realms of the Commonwealth, her People and her determination to serve.

For we can all make a positive difference in Jesus’ name and for His sake.


Go now and share God’s love with all you meet.
Go now and share the joy of Jesus.
Go now and share the inspiring breeze of the Spirit.
Go in peace assured of God’s love.

One thought on “Sunday evening prayers at 7pm

  1. For Reverend Kevin de Beer and everyone at The Church: Your call to worship Sunday evening prayers. I thank you deeply and most sincerely for your wonderful message of worshipping with you and alone unconditionally. In my quiet or busy times. My regrets and sorrows, my joy and my happiness. Reverend Kevin de Beer and The Church, thank you most sincerely for having me on your mailing list. With deep appreciation and my humble prayers.

    Sent from my iPad,


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