Lent 3 with Tearfund

In the image

‘‘So God created human beings in his own image. In the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.’ (Genesis 1:27 New Living Translation)

This is a verse many of us know so well that sometimes we forget to stop in awe at its power, beauty and meaning. We are made in the image of the very same God who flung stars into space, brings meaning from chaos and calls destiny into humanity.

Pause, and breathe it in. The image of our Lord is woven deeply into the fabric of humanity.

Wrapped up in this short verse is the calling to our identity as image-bearers of the King. And the calling to actively look for the image of our King in others.

This is a world-changing truth. How different things would be if we saw past the headlines into the image of God? The climate crisis, modern-day slavery, fast fashion… I dare to believe that if we, humanity, truly lived out this verse – poverty would be over. Injustice would have no place in our world.

So today, let’s proactively look and find the image of God in ourselves and others.

Creator God, we pause in awe. Thank you that we are woven in your image. Help us Lord to see this in ourselves, and in others, every day. Might we live differently in light of this truth. Amen.

Dot Tyler
Dot leads Tearfund’s work with young people across the UK.

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