Catch up with Sunday worship 2nd October 2022

Don’t worry if you missed worship yesterday, or if you’ve worshipped elsewhere and want to worship again, our edited service is now available. We’re blessed you’ve chosen to worship with us.

Welcome and Church News
MP 181 God forgave my sin in Jesus name
Call to worship/opening responses
We are here,
in the name of Christ Jesus.
So ask right now,
and it shall be given to you.
Seek right now,
and you will find.
Knock right now,
and the door will be opened.
MP 1213 O Church arise and put your armour on
Prayer and Lord’s prayer
Reflection for the Young and ‘Young at Heart’
MP 590 Seek ye first the kingdom of God
Reading Psalm 82 (reader: Sheena Bowman)
HYMN God of the Bible
Offering & Dedication
HYMN Don’t Go ‘Round Judging Others
Benediction and Spoken Amen
MP 460 May God’s Blessing Surround you each day

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