Around the world this day,

the universal church celebrates the “The Reign of Christ.”

Christ Jesus, friend of the poor, the meek and the merciful,

has been enthroned above all authority and power

in this world and in the world that is to come.

            Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth,

            serve the Lord with gladness

            come into his presence with singing.

God has placed everything under Christ’s wounded feet,

appointed the one who wore a crown of thorns

as the supreme head of the church, his body.

            Enter his gates with thanksgiving,

            come into his courts with praise.

            Give thanks and praise his loving name!

 The reign of Christ as King is directly tied to and the result of his humiliation and redeeming work. Because of his incarnation, ministry, suffering, death, and burial, the Father raised him from the grave and placed him at his “right hand.”


For all youth and young adults in this community, for the younger generations in
our own families, and for those who remain distant from us, that they may all grow
closer to Christ the King,
we pray to the Lord.

For all those who accompany youth and young adults on their faith journey in the
Church, that they may be strengthened and supported for the invaluable work they
do in Christ’s name,
we pray to the Lord.

For youth and young adults who teach, witness, and share their faith and accompany
their peers along the journey towards Christ the King, that they may be strengthened
in their vocation,
we pray to the Lord.

For young people who are serving our communities through their work and labor,
that they may be guided in their vocational pathway in service to others and to the
whole world,
we pray to the Lord.

For young people who are students, those in apprenticeships and trade schools,
and young men and women in formation, that their minds may always be open to
wisdom and transformation,
we pray to the Lord.

For this community and for parishes, missions, campus ministries, organizations,
and schools around the world, that we may continue to engage and accompany the
young people we encounter,
we pray to the Lord.


Prayer for others/intercession

On this Christ the King Sunday we remember that Christ’s kingship does not shy away from the agony of the cross, the vulnerability of the incarnation, the risk and betrayal of human relationships in times of danger and threat. In our prayers for others, we are committing those we pray for into the hands of One who knows the frailties and troubles of human life.

And so we pray with compassion for those who hurt and fear and cry today
because they have been let down by systems or circumstances or the ones they love.
We remember those whose lives are most affected by climate change,
who face hunger, thirst, fire or flood in the heart of their homes.
Grant wisdom and conviction to those who hold the power to make a difference,
on global, national and individual levels.

We pray with love for those who are lonely or in pain,
and for those who care for family and friends in times of need.
We acknowledge the stress of being a carer
and the sometimes conflicting feelings of those who are cared for.
Bring comfort and encouragement, dear Lord, to situations of conflict,
and rest for those who bear the heaviest burdens.

We pray with faith for those we love the most,
and for those who have no-one to name them before You.
May Your presence surround and bless them today and always.
May they know they are loved and known and seen by You.
For those who grieve the loss of one they loved,
we pray especially that You will encourage them with strong memories
and a confidence in Your loving purpose, which holds all souls in life.
May we all take comfort from Your words,
“Today you will be with me in Paradise.”
We give You thanks for the witness of those who knew and followed You as their Lord and King,
and showed us what it meant to be a Christian.
May they know of our grateful love for them, now and always.


Blessing/Closing Prayer

Creator God, Christ the King, Living Spirit,
go before us to give light to those who sit in darkness
and to guide our feet into the way of peace.

And may the blessing of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
surround you and keep you,
now and ever more.

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