Advent Sunday evening prayers at 7pm

Call to Worship

(inspired by Matthew 3:1-12, Mark 1:3, Isaiah 40:3)

We come to prepare the way;
The way for Christ –
the hope of Christ, the peace of Christ –
to enter our world,
to enter our hearts.

We cry out together in the wilderness:
The kingdom of heaven has come near.
We come to be part of the light–
the light that shines in the darkness.

Opening Prayer

Holy God,

We long for your peace, and trust in your promise;

we hear your call to turn toward you,

to change our lives and welcome you in.

Meet us here and fill

our minds with your wisdom

and our hearts with your peace,

that our worship together

may open us to the challenge

of your dream of wholeness for all.

In the Name of the One who is coming, we pray.  Amen!


Lord God, You have promised to come and sort out all things and all people.
We have gathered in the midst of time to reflect on Your purposes,
to prepare ourselves for Your coming,
and to give You praise.

We confess our sins,
what we have done wrong,
what we have failed to do right.
We live in a world full of wickedness and injustice,
led by sinful men and women who need Your mercy, as we do.
We have hurt others and been hurt by them.
Forgive us and lead us in better ways, we pray.
We ask this in the name of Your Son our Saviour Jesus Christ,
the one whose coming we await to make all things right.

For every good meal you have shared,
for every kind word you have received,
for every good book on your shelves,
for every good idea in your heads,
for every good message on your phone
may our good Lord be thanked.

For the gardens that rest,
for the nights of good company,
for the music of Advent,
for inspiring speech and positive writing,
for clothes that fit,
for the wisdom of age and the smiles of children,
may our wise and bountiful Lord be thanked.

For people who have taught and nurtured us,
for thoughts which have helped and restored us,
for friends who have listened to us and stayed alongside,
for the work of Your Spirit in our lives and in the lives of others,
may our gracious God be thanked and praised,
now and always,

Prayer of Intercession

(inspired by Isaiah 11: 1-10, Matthew 3: 1-12)

Let us pray for the Spirit of Wisdom to rest upon us

A spirit of understanding and knowledge

Grant us to live in harmony

God’s mercy prevail

Let us pray for God’s steadfastness to gird our spirit

May peace prevail like lamb and wolf

Grant us to live in harmony

God’s mercy prevail

Let us pray, for voices crying out in the wilderness

Women living in fear, children hiding

Grant all a place of harmony

God’s mercy prevail

Let us pray, repent of harm done to the innocent

Clear the chaff of abuse and hurt

Bear the Spirit of harmony

God’s mercy prevail

Let us pray for the God of hope, joy and peace to fill

All hearts, one voice glorify

God, prepare the way

God’s mercy prevail, Amen


Can you be a voice crying in the wilderness?

Can you proclaim that God is active in the world?
Maybe?The time is near, of the crowning of the year.
We sing with angels,

setting the roadways and the buildings humming 
As people who are being changed,

we go into a world that is being changed.
Ready to share the Good News

that the long expected Jesus is coming,

that we are being freed from whatever binds us. 
Glory be to God!

Who walks with us, sings with us, and struggles with us,
each and every day. Amen

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